Monday, September 27, 2010

Did I say no more bags for a while? Ok, now you know, I have a low tolerance for sweet and pretty stuff..... and when everyone who has made this tells you that making this bag is a piece of cake, what do you do? Don't know about you but I swallow - hook, line and sinker so to speak!!! Hahaha!
I must say they were right. It took me just a few hours to pull the whole thing together. I already had some pre-cut squares. Although they were bigger than the recommended measurements, I went ahead with them. After all, how far "off" can you go? The bag would probably just end up bigger...

Sorry to say, it didn't work out quite like I expected! So, I did another improvisation. Instead of 6 square blocks for the front and back, I did 2 half-squares for the middle panel. Similarly, the side panels are 2 half-squares. The bottom panel is made up of a half-square, a quarter-square and another half-square. After that, I pretty much followed the instructions given. The bag turned out great and the size was just right!

Here is my bag, sunbathing on the clotheslines - after being given the full works that included a big wash and spin in the washing machine - all part of the production process, I assure you  :-)  and when it was dry, I got...

...this wonderfully raggedy look! Coooooool, yes? I must try another! And THAT is a promise :-) Thanks for dropping by, everyone. Have a wonderful week!

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Crafting with a vengeance!

That's because my 2-week holiday is fast coming to an end! Wouldn't it be great if we could do a rewind? ;-D Sigh, it's back to the grind stone tomorrow, hence the frenzied crafting for the past few days. Remember the piles of test papers I mentioned at the start of the semester break? For the coming week, it's going to be pay-back time for recalcitrant me ;-P ...and with no regrets mind you!!!

Today's post concerns my Shabby Chic tote which is going to be my last bag - for a while at least ;-) They say the last is the best. I couldn't agree more. To use my students' lingo, this has to be my best-est creation! LOL! I love it totally.

1. Love the colour scheme - shabby chic combination.
2. Love the fabrics - they are all my favourite left over scraps.
3. Love the handles - a slightly different way of attaching to the main body.
4. Love the big heavy enamel cream-coloured button - in the shape of a flower.
5. Love the interior - baby green vintage quilted lining with boxy pockets on one side and normal flat ones on the other. Notice the patchwork on the pockets as well?
6. Finally, love the size - a gigantic 17" x 19.5" (think of all the stash you can smuggle in without your other half giving you the disapproving look! LOL!)

Well, until my next round of holidays, it's "crafts put on hold".....but then again, you ought to know me, I don't have much self-control over this area :-) Thanks for dropping in folks.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Building on unfinished blocks

This star block is another ONE of my MANY unfinished projects... but thanks to Tooty Fruity, I was inspired to  sew another bag. I didn't want to buy fresh material and that's how I ended up with this combination. Not bad, I hope :-) Anyway, I'm not going to unpick even if you tell me it's the horrible-st colour mix you have seen in your whole life time! LOL! I'm sure you will be "gentle" with your comments :-)
And here is the finished product. It measures 16.5" x 17.5". Yup, I'm into big bags this round :-)
...and here is the back. I used this big floral print because I wanted the pinks and greens to brighten up the star block... and I had the royal blue cotton drill pick up the tiny blue flowers.
The inside is made from vintage quilted fabric of a light green shade. I did not use interfacing here except for the pockets. One side has the boxy type pockets while the other spots the normal flat one. It took me some time (2 days to be exact) to get this done but I'm quite pleased with the outcome. Thanks for dropping by.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My tooty fruity tote

What do you do when you are half way into a baby quilt and then decide to abandon boat? LOL!

I didn't want to stash away the blocks as another unfinished project so I decided to innovate and I ended up with this! *GRIN*

It's a gigantic carry-all tote bag, just right for me! :-) Nah, I have too many bags already. I think I'll put it up for adoption at my daughter's blog shop. Should be the perfect carry-all for young and trendy college students.

Tooty Fruity measures a good 51cm X 41cm and is made up of an assortment of 2" X 2" white and pink cotton prints.

Inside you will find 2 big roomy pockets on one side, done up using the patchwork squares.

On the other side is a zippy compartment. Slide it open and you'll get a more colourful print inside.

To secure this huge tote, I used a loop and button. I just love this gilded pink button and I think it sits well here, don't you think so?

So much for my tooty fruity tote... I still have a piece of leftover block... let me slip it under my pillow and see what the dream fairy tells me tonight ;-)

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Taking a break

Rolling out 2 more teddies...

Meet Russet first try with a darker print. I was experimenting with the fibre filling too. That's why she's looking a little malnourished! I didn't quite "feed" her enough I guess :-)
.....and this is Rambling Rose. I think my preference for lighter cotton shows :-) Don't you think she's just adorable?

OK, after working on 4 teddies at one stretch, I think it's time for a break. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to "balik kampong" (head back to my parents' home) later today. So, to all my Muslim friends, "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" and to the rest of us "Happy Holidays"! Thanks for dropping by.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Two's company

This morning, I decided to try out the teddy bear pattern again. I dug into my fabric stash and finally chose this delicate white Japanese cotton with tiny blue flowers. I had already altered the head pattern so I had no problems with the muzzle this time but I think I placed the snout a wee bit too low, don't you think?

I used the floral print as the main fabric and picked a plain blue cotton for the inside ears, paw pads and foot pads. I managed to get all the body parts sewed and stuffed by lunch time..... 

and by tea break..... Blue Penny was done :-) I still have bones to pick with my teddy (that's how it is when you are experimenting). As you can see, I used different buttons for the eyes. I should have stuck with the ones I used for Sunshine Grace. Hmmmm... I may just perform an eye transplant for her later! And while I'm at it, I may give her a ear tuck too... they are a tad too big, yeah? Meanwhile, she'll have to live with it (LOL!)

Wish there's a craft class on teddy bear making here. It's so much more fun working together with others... and less tiring too cos then I would have a "sifu" to guide me instead of me working by "trial and error". I did persuade a friend into this mad project of mine though and she has sportingly obliged. She picked a smaller pattern and I'm excited to see how hers turns out.

It's nice to have two teddies sitting in my craft room. They say "Two's company..." Now, I wonder if three would be a crowd..... ;-) 

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Sunshine Grace

Today is the start of our school mid-term hols... 2 whole weeks, what a break! Other than several piles of exam papers I have to mark, the rest of the time should be a bliss. Anyway, I'm not going to let the work put a damper on my crafts.

I couldn't wait to continue with the teddy bear. So right after breakfast, I continued my sewing. The rest of the paper pattern seemed OK and I didn't need to do any alterations. I stuffed up the various body parts and joined up the arms. The instructions said to use washers and rods for the moving limbs but that was such a hassle so I thought I'll just take the easy way out and sew them onto a fixed position.

Then I remembered this sweet pink and lacy teddy at Lovely Lace that made use of buttons at the joints... and it could move. I thought that was kinda cute too so out came the button bottle and in no time (figuratively speaking of course) had everything sewn up.

So allow me to present Miss Sunshine Grace ......

OOOPS! It's OK... She's just a little wobbly, like any new-born cub :-)
Look! She can stand on her own... and she will sit too. Is she not a clever bear? Sunshine Grace stands at 32cm and is about 23cm when seated.

I'm just so pleased with Sunshine Grace. I will definitely do another soon. Thanks for dropping by. Happy holidays!

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Thursday, September 2, 2010


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!! My teddy looks more foxy than bear!!! Ok, the ears are my fault - they didn't give instructions on where to sew them so I stuck them too far apart. But the muzzle? It protrudes too much and I had followed the pattern to the T. You know, I already had misgivings the other night when cutting the fabric but hey, you don't argue when you are a novice ;-) Even until the last minute, I was hoping it might somehow turn out... that's why I took the trouble to put in the eyes and snout. Looks like I need to take matters into my own hands and make major alterations to the original pattern!

Here...what do you think now? It's not perfect but at least, you can see that it's a BEAR... right? Hehehe! I chopped off quite a bit of the muzzle ;-) and I altered the head gusset a little. OK, I'm off to sew the other body parts now. Be sure to come back to share my BEARY exciting adventure (LOL!) Thanks for dropping by.

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