Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blissfully ecstatic

I am thoroughly excited, totally enraptured! I've just finished piecing together Roses & Romance and after putting in the borders, I thought I would just sit back for some reflection.

Well, with all humility, I think this piece of work is just fabulous and I am really proud of it . Looking at it, I feel so... irrepressibly exalted? elated? exhilarated? Words fail me (LOL!!!)

This project is definitely my most satisfying so far. I have also changed my mind about keeping Roses & Romance for myself as there is someone (my other darling girl) who deserves my blood (poked my finger while pinning the pieces together!) sweat (sewing in the hot afternoon is not my cup of tea!) and love (this goes without saying) :-) Deb will be graduating this July and what better gift can I give her (without burning HUGE holes in my ever shrinking pockets) than this? :-) :-) :-)

OK, I must scoot out to town to get the flannel and backing material now. Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful weekend :-)

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Unexpected bargains

While out window shopping with a friend yesterday, I came across some pretty crockery bearing the very design I am collecting. Needless to say, I brought (... I mean bought) some of them home :-) Here's part of the hoard...
First, I was taken up by the very unusual shape of these decanters which came in 3 sizes. I got a large one to use as a teapot...

and a medium one as a creamer. I also found this cute little jar I thought will do great for my sugar...

The cup and saucer came in a slightly different colour (more pinkish brown than pinkish purple). Unfortunately, I couldn't resist the unique shape of the saucer... so I picked up six of each :-)

Here then is the set I put together. The other half of my hoard? Let's leave that to another day, shall we? :-) Have a good weekend!

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coffee, ladies?

Isn't she a darling?! I'm referring to the coffee mug below of course...

Ever since I bought the Rose tea set, I've been meaning to get some coffee mugs to match up (I appreciate that not everyone is a tea freak like me!) However, this task proved more difficult than I thought (living in a small town, choices are sadly lacking)... until I was introduced to another rose design by a colleague this morning - who also gleefully told me she bought up the last four mugs at the shop :-(

This inverted-pear-shaped china from Avon is covered with an abundance of roses of an almost similar pattern as mine and costs only RM6.90. Of course, the first thing I did after school was to scurry off to the nearest Avon dealer, praying hard as I drove along that I would not get the "Out-of-stock" response!

VOILA! Did you notice that as pleased as Punch expression? My turn... I bought up the last six mugs in the shop (LOL!)

I wonder when the sewing ladies want their next get-together? They can have the privilege of using them first ... and I will have the pleasure of keeping you all posted :-)

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