Saturday, April 9, 2011

Recycling old jeans

 There's a whole lot of projects one can do with old jeans..... and I had wanted to do this --------------> ever since I saw it on someone's blog. No idea what it is? Patience :-)

You see, when recycling jeans, most people cut up and keep only the bigger pieces of denim. The rest, like these thick side seams are just thrown away.

Well, I learnt that if you roll it up, you can get a pretty cool mug rug/coaster.
Add some embellishment, and I have personalized it into a Thank You gift         :-)   :-)   :-)

I tried gathering white cotton lace around this one...
But I guess I just like mine plain :-) Coffee, anyone? :-)

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend inspiration

A spurt of weekend inspiration resulted in a few handmade cards... this being one of them. 
After my last project, I had so many left-over print-outs of cute little babies that I decided to make a few more Welcome Baby cards for stashing away.
After all, who has not experienced an urgent on-the-spot need before? And worse, at a moment when you have neither the time to run out to the shops nor the energy to create!

This is my favourite. I like the pretty pastel lines in the background together with the lace doily framing the simple announcement. The tiny roses added a sweet appeal too.
I have not tried putting up any of my cards for sale yet. I wonder if there’ll be takers as everyone is so into e-things these days.

Well, so much for this week. I wonder what inspiration will hit me next? Thanks for dropping by & have a good week.

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