Monday, May 31, 2010

A bag called Jean

Let me introduce you to my latest creation...

I was browsing through a magazine last week when I was inspired to repurpose my old jeans that have been sitting idle in my cupboard for the last decade. Well, what was there to lose? Instead of throwing them away, let's save the environment! So I took out my scissors and roller cutter and worked away with no specific pattern or measurements in mind (which is great cos I love squeezing my brain juice!)

I've tried sewing bags before but this is the first time I am using a really stiff interfacing (cost more than double the normal ones we use for collars and cuffs). However, I must say, it's worth it cos the bag is actually strong enough to stand on its own.

Well, what do you think of Jean? If you want to take her home, you can check her out at By the way, my very trendy girl is so impressed, she wants a handmade fabric bag too! Now, that really speaks volumes to this mummy's ego (LOL!). Have a good day!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's start with a ball :-)

Not the medieval parties you are thinking of :-) ... more like this one below...

I know, I've been away far too long. I won't waste time on excuses :-) I just want to say that I fell in love with this exquisite ornament at and (thanks a bunch for sharing, Susan and Ane) and knew I had to try out one.


I'm far from satisfied - it's not nice and round - but this being my first attempt, I'll just let it go. Next time, I'll stick to the instructions too... you see, I've had to make a bit of improvisation (this town is the exact opposite of a crafter's shopping paradise) and I had to use a 2 1/2" florist sponge ball instead of the stated 3" styrofoam ball.

Resolution: Will definitely be making more of these once I get the proper supplies. Meanwhile, here's hoping I won't go into hibernation mood for too long again ;-)

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