Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coming out of hibernation

Here's another quilt top which I completed some time ago that I hope to finish up for Little Miss Muffet's this October. Yes, I've decided to set myself some deadlines :-) so that I will have some finished projects on hand.

You can see for yourself that this one uses the Disappearing 9-Patch technique. It's another queen size spread in pretty pink prints and white eyelet cotton lace (which I love). Will post a picture when it's done... if it's done! *LOL!!!*

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Update of Scrappy Trips Around the World

TA DAAAAH!!! If you like the vintage and country look, you will love this :-) As you can see, I finally decided to go queen-size (with a bigger quilt, you see more of the design) and so that's why the long blogging silence. I have been spending every free minute trying to come up with the additional 4 diamonds. It's obviously very tedious work - each tiny little square is 2" X 2" but the technique I learnt from Quiltville helped make this project absolutely fun.

Took a while for me to decide on the borders too but the effort was worth it, don't you agree? With so many colours in the diamonds, I thought I would go for a darker border and here the navy polka dot worked beautifully. Then, I used a light stripy fabric for another round of narrow trimming before finishing off with a broad outer border of smoky grey rose print to accentuate the squares and diamonds.

I'm almost there... I still need to do the backing (or haven't you noticed? LOL!)... Well, if things work out, I hope to put up some of my quilts for sale this Christmas. They should be available by late October - unless they get "hijacked" along the way to Little Miss Muffet's Closet :-) Thanks for dropping by and do visit again.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Scrappy Trips Around the World

I am so thrilled with my latest project. It's called ScrappyTrips Around the World (and you can see for yourself why). I got this free pattern... and many more :-)... from Quiltville, courtesy of the very generous Bonnie Hunter.

See the diamond? It is actually formed from 4 blocks (of diagonal strips) rotated and pieced together . Look below... I've got 20 blocks laid out on the floor. See how I've turned and twisted the basic diagonal blocks to form the radiating diamonds? No matching of colours, no scratching of the head - literally anything goes! This is SO fun... LOL!!!

I have just 1 more diamond (4 more blocks) to go and it's done :-) ... but then, do I want a single or a double? That is the question ;-)

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