Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally, out in the open!

What is, you ask? THIS.....

This is my first quilt for someone other than a member of my own family. I wasn't going to post about it for at least another month. It's a birthday present for a dear friend. I was suppose to send it out later next month but since she's in town, I gave it to her today... and now I get to show you all :-)

This is a rather funny gift cos she will need to work on it further! You see, she lives in America and I just couldn't get the right kind of batting here to finish it up. She would freeze with the flannel that I always work with (LOL!!!)

This is crazy patchwork of course, done using the stack-and-slash method. Started sometime last year, I only got to finish it two months ago. This quilt top is huge (sorry, I forgot to take the measurements but it's easily king size) and it took me some really crazy hours to complete! I worked with mainly yellows (her favourite colour) with dashes of browns & greens. It turned out really well and I am thrilled that she loves it. Happy Birthday dear friend!

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