Saturday, October 23, 2010

The new member in our family…

Please welcome Canon (Cannonball) Yong! Isn't he just adorable?

Our old faithful brown mongrel slipped out of the gates one night and never came back. Although we are all pretty upset, we would like to think that Dory’s happy and is enjoying her freedom somewhere.

Actually, we were in two minds about getting another furry four-legged friend but a friend called up asking if we would like to adopt one of 2 stray puppies in her neighbourhood. I went to check them out and the rest was history. So that’s how Canon came to stay.



Friday, October 22, 2010

Tea? Teabag? Teabag folding?

Today I discovered Teabag Folding and I'm hooked! 

Teabag folding is like Japanese origami except that it makes use of several identical squares (usually 8) folded exactly in the same way. These are then laid side by side or in an interlocking fashion to produce a symmetrical medallion or rosette like the one here. 

For my little weekend project here, I learnt 2 different folds from youtube but for each medallion I actually used only 1. Because I also experimented with a variety of paper and a different arrangement each time, I came up with this huge array of different rosettes. 

And again by changing the placement of the medallion, I had so many variations to the one card... as you can see here.  
And when I changed the rosette, I ended up with so many different cards I thought I started a factory (LOL!) Here are just a few of them.

Here I tried out a different greeting using another font and in a landscaped setting.

This is the finale of the day :-) I so love this simple cross. It reminds me of why Jesus came down to earth... to save sinners. 

Well, so much for these cards... have a great weekend everybody.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shabby chic with a difference

Here is my latest creation after the long hiatus. Having rested some, I finally went back to the cutting table and sewing machine two days ago. Yes, it's another shabby rag bag (LOL!) but with some differences ;-)

I still used 5"x5" squares but as you can see, I've scaled down on the number of blocks. Besides the new colour scheme, you'll notice I have incorporated denim. The snipping of the seams is also done further apart. The end result?

One COOL bag :-) I just love this rugged yet feminine look of the design.  

To stimulate my idle brain :-) I challenged myself to put in a zipper this round to close up the bag. Like all "first time efforts", I sweated through this one.

 Not perfect but I think I gave it a reasonably presentable finish :-)

You'll be seeing more of these shabby rag bags in the next couple of weeks. I need to run up a few more as Christmas presents. In fact, I'm giving away this one to a dear friend today... Quoting her "...can't wait till Christmas..." unquote. I hope she likes it :-)

Thanks for dropping by.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Stunning in black

Lala-la-lala..... I made another shabby rag bag! And what a stunner she is!!! Don't you just love the colours... and the rose prints? There are 8 different fabrics here but they match up beautifully. I'm keeping her for sure :-)

The great thing about this type of bag is the sewing technique. You can turn the bag inside out for a completely different look! YEH! See mine? I took pains with the inside too making sure that no two squares next to each other were alike. And I did change one or two fabrics.

In my excitement to get things done, I forgot to take pictures of the earlier stages (the cutting, piecing & snipping). Compared to the previous rag bag, it took me longer to sew this one. Using smaller squares (4" x 4"), there was more to do and it was rather fiddly too. Had to be most patient. But the end result was worthwhile :-) Here, the bag is all ready and just waiting to get into the wash.

.....drying in the sun to get.....

this gorgeous look :-)

You should try your hand at this bag. All you need to know is how to sew straight lines. Honest! I'm still on a high and would love to do another but my back is killing me! I think I overdid it and sat a tad too long at the sewing machine :-( So, I'm taking forced leave for a while :-(  :-(  :-(  Keeping my fingers crossed it won't be for long. Thanks for dropping by again. Have a great weekend folks.

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