Monday, December 6, 2010

Pumpkin pin cushion in a cup

Doesn't this look familiar? Uh-huh, the pumpkin pin cushion I was addicted to some time back :-) Only now, it's smaller and it sits inside a cute little cup :-) 

And it was so fun and easy to do, I made 4 within a short space of time. They will come in handy as Christmas gifts for my "sewing" friends :-)

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fulfilling a promise

It took me a few years but I finally made good my promise to my daughter. I sat down this morning and made her the bible cover she wanted :-)

I know I have been sitting on this for too long... 5? 6 years? Perhaps even more? I guess the idea of trying to make something to fit was just far too daunting during the busy schooldays. But since it's now the long school break, I have no excuses. LOL!

So, after breakfast, I told myself it was today or never! I decided to use the set of purple themed fabrics left over from the quilt I was sewing last month. After some "agak-agak" calculations, I said a prayer and... the rest is history :-)

This lovely huge silver vintage button was not what I picked for the bible cover. I had actually sewn up a smaller, off-white flower-shaped button which I thought matched the white polka dots perfectly (but which my daughter thought otherwise!) so that's how we ended with this one.

I must say I'm really pleased with the overall effect - and come to think of it, the task wasn't too bad. I actually enjoyed the challenge. Who knows... I might just do a bible cover for myself next ;P Thanks for dropping by, folks.

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