Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just in time

A bag I whipped up as a gift for a friend. Truly, one of its kind as it has a very unique pocket for the front. It's studded with rhinestones... and I used one of my big wooden buttons for the loopy closure.

The back of the bag also has a pocket. I have also mixed in one or two scraps of floral cotton prints to "sweeten" up the look :-)

The inside of the bag is lined with this red blue and white checks. I didn't have time to put in any inside pockets so hopefully, my friend uses a bag organizer.

This bag was made much earlier. It now comes in very handy as an extra gift I'll be taking along to a family reunion this weekend. It's going to the hostess.

The other side..... 

I wish I have more bags made up so that every gal can have one. Unfortunately, I only have two to take to the family gathering. Sorry ladies... :-(

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More dressing up

This is getting to be addictive! Dressed up a few more tape measures this afternoon :-) Love the antique-y look of the fabric top and the rich velvet bottom.

An enhanced version of the one I made a few days ago...added the ric-rac and tassel.

This one has already found a new home... a birthday gift for a colleague (whom I know appreciates hand-crafted things)

These will be going off to new homes soon too. I better remember to keep one for myself though... I think I cleared out the shop's stock the other day and I have not seen these tapes anywhere else in Alor Setar (speaks so much for the place where I live!). Right, time to call it a night :-) Thanks for dropping by.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Playing dressing-up

Not for me but for this rather plain tape measure :-)

Have been meaning to do it for a long time but some how, the heart was willing but the flash was not...

That is... until I came across this very clever tutorial which made the project so inviting......... and hard to resist!

Yup, it's all done now... and I'm off to get a few more made up for friends. Thanks for dropping by :-)