Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Testing the waters

Yeh! The school holidays are here... well... almost... just another two days away. Naturally, this calls for a celebration and for me, I'm diving into a new project. I've been yearning to try out soft toys, teddies in particular. So here I am with my googled out patterns and my trusty sewing machine, all ready to go :-)

There...the head pieces are joined up. I wonder why the muzzle is so long and protruding. I've have not altered any part of the pattern. Never mind, we'll just see how this works out. Let me go get the stuffing.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mirror mirror in my hand...

...I'll turn you from cheapo to grand!

I just couldn't resist purchasing this hand-held mirror as I have been wanting to match one to my made-over hairbrush. Actually, the plastic mirror was not cheapo but anyway, that's besides the point... I had been looking for this for too long.

The minute I reached home, I took out my stash and worked away so now I've this to show :-)

I'm pretty pleased how the mirror turned out... I love the fabric and of course the maroon trim and gold and beige cord makes it very Victorian, the very effect I wanted :-)

Sigh! What a handsome couple! I'm thinking again whether to use these or to keep them as Christmas gifts... OK, I've thought twice, they're mine :-)

...Thanks for dropping by, folks. Have a nice day...or whatever that remains of it. I'm off to brush my hair ;-)

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Busy busy busy

I saw this cheapo hair brush while I was out shopping the other day. Hmmmm... I could easily give this Plain Jane a makeover I told myself :-) So that was what I did today. Here... enjoy! :-)

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Old vintage looks

I remember during my primary school days at the Convent, there was this nun that sold us these mini fabric coin purses she made. They were rather plain-looking things, many of them light blue in colour (probably made from left over school uniform material) but somehow I was always drawn to buy them as a little girl... I guess my love affair with handicrafts began long before I knew it :-)
Anyway, memories of yesteryears inspired me to try out this... I used a printed fabric (English cotton) instead of a plain one though... and I purposely made it a tad larger.
To give it that vintage look, I sewed on a really old button... and I mean REALLY OLD - I found this one in my grandmother's button box :-)
Ok, it looks nothing like the purses I mentioned earlier but I think it's kinda cute. Now, to test out my creation...
Ahhhh... the utter joy of having made my very own antique coin purse, no words can describe :-)

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Strike while I'm motivated

Did I say bigger pouches? OK, I just churned out these... it's meant for hard disks.

I'm glad I made one in checks cos this one is for my hubby. It's not often that I make things for him but hey, everyone can do with a surprise now and then... and yes, it was much appreciated. LOL!
Ok... this one's for me. Does the binding tape go with the fabric, you think? I know the colour doesn't quite match up and it's the satin finish and not the cotton ones but I was just too lazy to go to the shops today.  

The third one I made was from yesterday's salvaged fabric. Now, that's really fruitful for a rainy afternoon. If I've time, I'll probably do a few more to give away to friends. They make such practical gifts, you'll agree :-)

** Edited ... The buttons were an afterthought - I didn't want the hard disks sliding out... and OOOPS!... onto the floor! LOL! (Of course I won't be laughing then...) I took some time digging at my button stash. I finally decided on the cloth covered button for my hubby's pouch and a brass rose button for the floral one. Notice I didn't say "my pouch" anymore :-) cos I've decided to bless a dear friend with this project of mine. I hope she likes it as much as I've enjoyed doing it.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One hour project

I'm so glad I was able to do some recycling today. I was going to throw away my stained toaster cover when I remembered the beautiful quilted pouches my friend had been making recently. 
I had been meaning to give those a try so what better time than now? Well, I managed to salvage quite a bit of the material but since it was my first try, I thought I would go for something small... 
Not a bad idea actually cos in less than an hour, I had a neat little handphone pouch....
And now? Onto greater things... bigger pouches? (LOL!)... we'll see...

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