Friday, October 1, 2010

Stunning in black

Lala-la-lala..... I made another shabby rag bag! And what a stunner she is!!! Don't you just love the colours... and the rose prints? There are 8 different fabrics here but they match up beautifully. I'm keeping her for sure :-)

The great thing about this type of bag is the sewing technique. You can turn the bag inside out for a completely different look! YEH! See mine? I took pains with the inside too making sure that no two squares next to each other were alike. And I did change one or two fabrics.

In my excitement to get things done, I forgot to take pictures of the earlier stages (the cutting, piecing & snipping). Compared to the previous rag bag, it took me longer to sew this one. Using smaller squares (4" x 4"), there was more to do and it was rather fiddly too. Had to be most patient. But the end result was worthwhile :-) Here, the bag is all ready and just waiting to get into the wash.

.....drying in the sun to get.....

this gorgeous look :-)

You should try your hand at this bag. All you need to know is how to sew straight lines. Honest! I'm still on a high and would love to do another but my back is killing me! I think I overdid it and sat a tad too long at the sewing machine :-( So, I'm taking forced leave for a while :-(  :-(  :-(  Keeping my fingers crossed it won't be for long. Thanks for dropping by again. Have a great weekend folks.

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Blogger s a r a h said...

MAMA YOU'RE CRAZYYYYYYYYYY! Please rest okay. Keep sitting at the sewing table and you just might get stuck there! :P

October 11, 2010 at 9:53 AM  

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