Sunday, September 5, 2010

Two's company

This morning, I decided to try out the teddy bear pattern again. I dug into my fabric stash and finally chose this delicate white Japanese cotton with tiny blue flowers. I had already altered the head pattern so I had no problems with the muzzle this time but I think I placed the snout a wee bit too low, don't you think?

I used the floral print as the main fabric and picked a plain blue cotton for the inside ears, paw pads and foot pads. I managed to get all the body parts sewed and stuffed by lunch time..... 

and by tea break..... Blue Penny was done :-) I still have bones to pick with my teddy (that's how it is when you are experimenting). As you can see, I used different buttons for the eyes. I should have stuck with the ones I used for Sunshine Grace. Hmmmm... I may just perform an eye transplant for her later! And while I'm at it, I may give her a ear tuck too... they are a tad too big, yeah? Meanwhile, she'll have to live with it (LOL!)

Wish there's a craft class on teddy bear making here. It's so much more fun working together with others... and less tiring too cos then I would have a "sifu" to guide me instead of me working by "trial and error". I did persuade a friend into this mad project of mine though and she has sportingly obliged. She picked a smaller pattern and I'm excited to see how hers turns out.

It's nice to have two teddies sitting in my craft room. They say "Two's company..." Now, I wonder if three would be a crowd..... ;-) 

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Blogger Janet C said... are fast! Two bears already!! So well done too. :)

September 5, 2010 at 6:40 PM  

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