Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My tooty fruity tote

What do you do when you are half way into a baby quilt and then decide to abandon boat? LOL!

I didn't want to stash away the blocks as another unfinished project so I decided to innovate and I ended up with this! *GRIN*

It's a gigantic carry-all tote bag, just right for me! :-) Nah, I have too many bags already. I think I'll put it up for adoption at my daughter's blog shop. Should be the perfect carry-all for young and trendy college students.

Tooty Fruity measures a good 51cm X 41cm and is made up of an assortment of 2" X 2" white and pink cotton prints.

Inside you will find 2 big roomy pockets on one side, done up using the patchwork squares.

On the other side is a zippy compartment. Slide it open and you'll get a more colourful print inside.

To secure this huge tote, I used a loop and button. I just love this gilded pink button and I think it sits well here, don't you think so?

So much for my tooty fruity tote... I still have a piece of leftover block... let me slip it under my pillow and see what the dream fairy tells me tonight ;-)

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Blogger Janet C said...

Lovely bag...the prints are so sweet!

September 16, 2010 at 10:49 PM  

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