Friday, August 5, 2011

My innovation of Faberge eggs

While out at the shops, I spied this pretty Faberge egg container that the Malays like to use at weddings as a guest favour. A lightbulb just lit up :-) 
Back home, I very quickly transformed my idea onto one of two containers I bought. Right, hold your breath..... 
 Any ideas yet? It's a ...................????

SPOT ON!!! It's an incy wincy pumpkin pin cushion :-) By the way, so sorry about the not-so-sharp pictures. I've been having problems getting good shots ever since I started using the new camera.

This is the other container. I know what I'm going to do the next time (you can be very sure there'll be a NEXT TIME!). I will adjust the size of the cushion a little bigger so that it fills up the bottom cup. I think that should look even better. What do you think?


Right, I will leave you with these for now. Time to go prepare dinner :-) Thanks for dropping by.

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