Monday, August 15, 2011

Gift for Niece 1

The quilt tops I made earlier on (and I do mean EARLIER) are now being finished up... at least 2 of them are. My brother & his family will be back for a few days and I do want the quilts done up for my nieces. I have no idea if these 2 trendy girls will appreciate my handmade stuff but like I told my brother "Hack! I've only 2 nieces (on my side of the family) and I better sew for them when my eyesight is still good and my hands are steady! I've got one quilt done and the other one is still in the process. So while I take a breather, let me show you the completed quilt.

If you remember, this quilt is a single and it uses the stack & slash method to produce the crazy patchwork effect. The finished size is about 61" X 67".

My finishing technique is slightly different this round. Instead of the usual hand-knotting, I tried stitch-in-a-ditch. Turned out so well that I'm going to repeat this for the other quilt too.What's also different is that I did not do any "sandwiching". For this quilt, I bought a toweling blanket and had that replace the batting and backing fabric. Since our weather is hardly ever cold at night, I thought this would suffice. Cost is a little higher but saved me huge on time :-)

I also looked up an online tutorial on quilt binding and that really paid off. I am really pleased with how this quilt has turned out. And before I rush off to finish up the other, here are a few more pictures for drooling! LOL! Enjoy!


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