Sunday, May 1, 2011

Special order from Arau

My SIL called up several days ago and asked if I would take an order of a tote from a friend. Since I love sewing bags I didn't need much persuasion :-)

However in my haste to get it done quickly (she would probably be coming down over the long weekend to pick it up), I got the pockets sewn up the wrong way! AAAAGH! More time wasted!

Finally, all done :-) And I'm real pleased with the patchwork, especially how the combination turned out.

A closer look at the button which I felt hard-pressed to part with. It's a HUGE wooden one from some shop in Malacca, courtesy of a friend who went there to visit her daughter.

 Here's the back. I felt really inspired by the front piece so I had to have a patchwork patch here too... and yes, not forgetting the handles :-)

...the inside pockets are also patchworked. It was A LOT OF work but the end product justified the time spent.

It's nice to know that the bag is going off to someone who appreciates handwork. It makes the parting easier :-)

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