Monday, March 14, 2011

Speedy baby quilt

Had a bit of a dilemma. A friend requested for a baby quilt and although Baby is not due for some time still, I was apprehensive whether I could meet the deadline. So when my 1-week mid-term break started a few days ago, I plunged into the project and can now finally show off this :-)

She asked for a sky blue theme. This is my interpretation... a combination that is sweet, whimsical and shabby chic.

I decided not to follow any specific pattern or measurements as I had limited stock of the materials I picked. With that issue settled, I just allowed my imagination to take over and my inspiration took flight :-)

The blocks were getting a little monotonous until I added the thin blue black border. I didn't want it too overwhelming so I used the dusky blue polka dotty fabric (3 pats on the back for stashing this some time last year! LOL!) to bring down the contrast.

I lined the quilt with fleece and backed it using fine checks in baby blue. The finished quilt measures 36" X 45", slightly larger than the standard size of 32" X 40".

I wanted to do stitch-in-a-ditch to hold the 3 layers together but it didn't turn out like what I wanted. I finally opted for the traditional hand-tying technique (back breaking as I was working on the floor!)

...and with that done, the baby quilt is ready to go off to its new home. 

Hope my friend likes it. Hope the new parents like it too. More importantly, hope Baby likes it :-)

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