Thursday, November 11, 2010

Grandfather of floods!

Since moving to Alor Setar some 15 years ago, we have had 1 major flood... in 2005. At its worst, the water came into the compound... it stopped short some 3" below our front door. We actually had quite a bit of fun!!!

We have since moved house, but only one road behind. Anyhow, when the road in front of our present house started flooding on the afternoon of Nov 3rd, we were not too perturbed.

Towards evening, the water had crept inside our compound gates.

This was the state of our side garden. Obviously, the ground is not level as you can see that the compound is still relatively dry except the area behind the car. The water had come from the garden drains that overflowed. 

Although we heard that the neighbouring town of Jitra was flooding very badly, we were still not too worried. The weather had been fine for the past 2 days and there was no signs of impending rain. We were told the floods were a result of heavy rainfall in other areas and the water was now flowing through to the sea. We expected the water to subside the next day if not sooner. How wrong we were!

By night, the flood waters had completely consumed the compound. This was taken from our upstairs window.

This is the same target taken on the afternoon of Nov 4th when the floods was at its peak. Compare the height of the water using the auto gate control box as the yardstick. It's now half submerged! As for inside the house...

...our sitting room had turned into a Turkish bath.

If not for the split level, we would have lost a lot. We were lucky our girls were home for the long weekend. Among the 4 of us, we had moved up most of our furniture. Whatever that was too heavy, we had raised them up with bricks. To be continued.....

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