Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rapunzel's dream bands

I know it's mid-week and I'm not on school break or anything but I just had to have a go at these :-) I call them Rapunzel's dream bands (LOL... I think she would rather let go her long hair than have it all braided up!) They are relatively easy to make except for the fiddly part when you have to turn the tube inside out - that took ages! - but the outcome was worth the while.

I love them, especially this one, it being a rose print of course ;-> It's not just the colours or the patterns... the fact that it's soft and gentle on my head yet able to hold back my hair (instead of those hard plastic bands with teeth biting into the scalp) makes me one to keep them all!!! ...and did you notice, they are reversible? Two in one :-) I will definitely make some for Little Miss Muffet's Closet. Well, that was a nice distraction ... now back to work and reality. Thanks for stopping by.

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