Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cheongsam anyone?

These pix were taken recently during the Chinese New Year - the one day I can get both my girls into these figure-hugging neck-strangling apparel! Oooh, the grumbling & rambling... Mind you, I wasn't too keen myself. The day was sweltering with heat and I would have gladly done my CNY visitations in T-shirt & Bermudas! But we didn't want to disappoint Mum who had put in a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time, hard work and love, sewing these cheongsams for us. The frog buttons alone took several days. Mum is a perfectionist and believes in doing everything herself, right down to the coloured bias tapes. It's all painstakingly cut from her own matching cloth. Mum began sewing Deb's in August and mine in Sept. These clothes are labour-intensive, each needing a few weeks to complete. The last one (Sarah's), she had to cut the dress standing at a table (after her operation in October, she couldn't bend over and work on the floor anymore). So, Mum, thanks a zillion! We love you more than we can ever say!

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