Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Food, glorious Ipoh food!

Was back in my hometown for a family reunion the last couple of days. Other than the re-connecting and bonding, the best part about going back to Ipoh is always the food... This trip, mum wanted us to try out the chicken porridge which she and dad have been frequenting of late. The stall is located in the market of Gopeng, a small town about 20km south of where we stay. Didn't enjoy weaving through the heavy traffic heading out of Ipoh but the porridge and chicken were not bad and the price more than made up for it :-)

Dim sum at the Ming Court Restaurant... This is one of our favourite haunts for breakfast. Plenty of variety but prices are steep for these tiny dainty servings. That morning set the nine of us back by RM80... and we are small eaters... well, most of us anyway (LOL).

For lunch, it was fried koay teow. Back in the good ole days, the small portion served had already earned the stall its name "the gold noodles". Well, nothing has changed. It's still little compared to the price you pay... and it's still as YUMMY!

Saved the best till last... this is the famous Cowan Street kai yuk hor fun which we had for dinner - twice!!! Besides the chicken and noodles, we always order bean sprouts too... and innards! We never fail to visit this place whenever we are back in Ipoh. Their success lies in the secret light soya sauce used for each dish. You have to taste it to know what I mean... after that, I do believe it's what you call "pure addiction"!!!

Lest you think we only live to eat ;-> let me assure you that there were other activities. We ladies did our gender proud, hitting the markets (lots of trendy clothes and pretty accessories) and shopping malls (Christmas and year-end sales aplenty) everyday. The men had no complaints as long as they could sit these out in the comfort of the home and their movie marathons! My parents? Like most old folks, they were totally contented just to be surrounded by the children and grandchildren :-) Bless them!

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