Monday, November 17, 2008

My mega project completed

Finally, it's finished! Sure took a while. I was beginning to worry I might lose interest & put this project into cold storage too!!! (You won't believe the number of things I've started and stashed away uncompleted... Lol). But, I didn't (yeh, yeh) and now I am the proud owner of another patchwork blanket. Ooops, I mean WAS - my younger daughter just put her stamp on it. She asked if she could have this since I also made one for my older one some years ago. And why not? It's not everyday that our young people appreciate homemade stuff. They rather get from the shops... and preferably one with a branded tag too! But I'm just so thrilled my girl loves this.

P/S Notice that in the end, I added an extra red polka dotty border - I forget, children grow (Lol) and I'd better make allowances :-)

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Blogger Bo Boon@Yasmin said...

Ayoyo... so beautiful and sweet.. anyone can sleep and not want wake up in this gorgeous blanket!! Congrats for a great finish!!

November 19, 2008 at 5:00 PM  

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