Saturday, November 22, 2008

Inspiring afternoon

With Christmas round the corner, I was inspired to piece up a table runner. I couldn't find any ready pattern so I cooked this one up! It took a tad longer than expected... lot of trial and error... and plenty of patience (Lol).

Well, it turned out pretty neat, I must say. I just love the star in the centre (it took like forever to get that together) and the Christmas-y colours. And just to let you into the secret, my initial idea was to have 3 stars in a row but I was just too impatient to see the outcome!

Here's the back... I used red checks... and a little red tassel to finish off the end. And now to let you see how it looks displayed...

There! What do you think? And my display table? It's just an old sewing machine but it has a pride of place in the house. Quite an antique actually. The machine was already missing when we found it but I wasn't too bothered because I was more interested in the legs. It didn't cost us much those days but I'm sure I would have to pay a small fortune by today's standard.

Hmmm... some what bare, you say? I agree whole-heartedly! Time to go Christmas shopping :-)

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Blogger Margaret said...

That is really lovely. And what a great place to display it. Those antique sewing machines are great - but aren't you pleased you don't have to use one!!

November 24, 2008 at 6:37 AM  

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