Friday, July 18, 2008

Patchworked with love

See my friend's patchwork blanket? Listening to her regaling about her project has stirred up nostalgic memories of nights long gone-by when as children, my brother and I would curl up snugly under the patchwork blankets made by our maternal grandmother. Unlike the fanciful patterns I have since encountered, ours were mainly simple joined-up squares that formed no particular design at all because they were made out of remnant fabrics. However, I know I loved that old blanket! I remember instead of counting sheep, almost every night I would be searching for my favourite squares of sweet tiny flowers or hunting high and low for some cute little bear or duck.

Well, one thing I also know, patchwork is NOT for grandmothers alone! I made this a few years ago for my daughter when she left home for university. A very dear friend of mine was using this pattern for a quilt for her daughter in America and encouraged me to take on the project as well. So, with a personal tutor on hand, how could I refuse? (LOL) I also finished it in no time... partly, because I omitted some steps. Due to the warm weather here, I left out the layers of wadding and hence, the quilting :-)

A closer look at the design... I just love how the blocks seem to join up so effortlessly into this intriguing interlocking pattern. Don't you? Sorry the photo is a little blur. Just had my daughter take the picture and sent it over a few minutes ago. Actually, it's the blanket, I was told - it's faded a bit after much wear and tear :-( Lesson learnt: always take pictures of your work immediately!

Finally, thank you to all for dropping by this obscure little blog of mine from time to time. {Hugs}

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Anonymous deb said...

*ahem*.... are u implying i take ugly pictures??? so, buy me a cool camera... THEN i'm sure my pics will look AMAZING! :P

August 2, 2008 at 2:40 AM  

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