Monday, May 26, 2008

Testing Testing

It's been a while since I posted anything. Deborah created this beautiful space for me last year but I have never really had the time to blog. Well, maybe I should fiddle around with it this holidays and try to get a hang on it.

Right, let me just journal a bit, to start this off - I'll try more "canggih" stuff later :-) Today is the second day of the school mid-year break and it's just great to be able to ignore the alarm clock when it rang this morning. Went for a morning walk before heading out to the market to have breakfast. Drove up to POLIMAS to return some books and tapes - and borrowed some more. They have such a good store of teaching aids.

This afternoon, had a good time chatting with Linda. Was so glad to see her online as I've not heard from her for a while and I was starting to get worried, what with all these earthquakes & after-shocks in China. With the warmer weather, she's now able to venture out more - and do more too. Was told that she had her "students" over for a card-making session. I still remember that first time Linda invited the ladies here over to try out her rubber stamps and fancy scissors. The end products were not exactly Hallmark stuff (lol) but we had such fun. What a blessing Linda was to our small community here. God bless her!

OK, now let me just post this off for today. Here goes.....

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